Board of Directors

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2019 - 2020 Hilltop Board of Directors
Executive Board
President Fred Steigerwalt, Jr. 610-308-6871
Vice President of
Player Personnel
Rich Rezer 610-931-4041
Vice President of
Baseball Operations
Mike Browne 215-837-3578
Vice President of
Softball Operations
Anthony Tassoni 610-310-7214
Financial Secretary Jamie Welsh 484-432-5387
Secretary Louis Lattanzio, Jr. 610-764-8836
Treasurer Cindy Leahy 610-659-8930
Chief Umpire Adam Yoder 215-460-1819
Shack Supervisor Michael McDevitt
Life term Don Foley 610-449-5544
3-year term Brian Bausman 215-519-7742
3-year term Dan Cullen 267-716-8245
3-year term Drew Dwyer 610-636-2241
3-year term Jeff Steigerwalt 610-291-2890
3-year term Bud Wright 856-524-1216
2-year term Betty Berry 610-761-7629
2-year term Mike Clark 610-764-9772
2-year term Brian Gallagher 610-291-4260
2-year term Mike McCollum 610-924-9335
2-year term Joe Spitz 610-291-4197
1-year term Joe Berardoni 610-246-1765
1-year term Jim Campbell 610-256-5433
1-year term Andrew Coll 610-636-6622
1-year term Jack Reick 215-459-2042
1-year term Mark Terinoni 610-721-2926


Board meetings:

The Hilltop Board of Directors and general League meeting is usually on the second Sunday of every month at 7:00 P.M. in Sacred Heart Everett Hall. This schedule may vary. Check the web site for the latest schedule.


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